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I am Nahia Iglesias Pamparacuatro, an illustrator from Bilbao. Watercolor predominates in my work, combining it with other techniques, both plastic and digital.

In the fall of 2016 I set out on a journey. Traveling through the American continent, in search of the line, Marrabila was born. Since then I have been on the move, representing people, corners and moments along the way with color and liveliness.​

I studied illustration at the Escuela Minúscula in Madrid. (2022-2024). The Modular project I carried out at said school was a finalist in the APIM 2023 awards in the New Talents category.​

Author of the image for Teatralia 2024, Madrid International Theater Festival. I have worked with the magazines Opcions, Soberanía Alimentaria, La Directa, Ekintza Zuzena and Gaztezulo. I have made beer labels, illustrations for CDs and posters combining external commissions with my own creation. In 2021 I published my first children's illustrated book with Nerea Martija, Ttipi-Ttapa (Taupaka 2021).



I'm willing to participate in new projects and work with new clients eager to hear from you. Write me!

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