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TTIPI-TTAPA Illustrated children´s book

TTIPI-TTAPA Illustrated children´s book


"Izar was very curious,

but sometimes she heard the chatter of spying voices…

Thanks to her grandmother, Izar will learn to move forward with fear!”


This book calls us to face the obstacles and fears we may encounter along the way. Taking the courage of a child as a starting point, the importance of family and self-esteem will be cultivated thanks to this story.

This book, written in capital letters, is intended for ages three and up. In addition, throughout the book there are several questions or proposals to convey to the children. This will allow us to share the children's experiences or opinions.


Written by Nerea Martija Apraiz and illustrated by Nahia Iglesias Pamparacuatro. Taupaka, 2021.

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